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RAID THE EMPIRE (RTE) is a eccentric vocal band who initially drew ire from Hip-Hop-Rock purists. Their easy to sing-along lyrical catch phrases, along with their pro-delivery, shimmering alternative rock with pop infected beats, and the transparent feel, give fans and radio listeners a warm boundless band that can be related to in every song. This album is influenced by the cultural makeup of the groups hometowns, all nestled inside California's notorious outer Los Angeles metro fringe, "The Inland Empire" (The I.E.) where the band gets its name. The I.E. is known for delivering great artists and great music. Combined with being the drinking and party capital of of Cali, The I.E. produces lots of fans, and concert goers. RTE commands a towering presence on stage, impressing new fans with the skill and verve of seasoned entertainers. The boys have been an essential component for building Empire fan base during every electrifying live show they do. Rock, rap roots and enticing modern production gives this album a very powerful display of beats, melodies and clever lyrics. The self-titled album is a fun tasteful flirt to the sound of up-tempo alternative/groove beats, and pop sounds. The songs “Runnin', Right On Time, and Where Do You Wanna Go” all boast bold catchy hooks that are radio releases, engaging everyone and moving the fan base. Produced by Eric Estrada, Jimi Estrada, and Mike Quinn